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Recent Workshops

Accreditation workshop July 2019 (8 participants plus Multiplex and Cross River Partnership)

The purpose of this workshop was to demonstrate the need for local SMEs to have the relevant Health & Safety accreditation's and to outline what was required. 

  • Tony Stewart from MTW went through the different accreditations and their requirements.

  • There was also a presentation by the Cross River Partnership on the Ultra Low Emissions Zone extension and the implication for commercial vans etc.

Opportunities and Threats facing the Construction Industry (2 RBKC participants plus 7 LBHF participants).

This workshop, which was held jointly with the Hammersmith & Fulham Supply Chain, included:

  • A presentation from the CITB partnership manager on the current and impending skills crisis and labour shortage in the construction industry.

  • We also heard from the Wates Group Supply Chain and Procurement Director on the challenges of Brexit and how to prepare for it, as well as an update on the programme from David McAlpine.


In October 2019, MTW was awarded the contract to deliver the RBKC Supply Chain project for another 2 years. 

In this new phase there will be an increased focus on assisting Architects and Interior designers who are well represented in the borough and could not easily be assisted during the pilot phase which concentrated on construction trades. 

MTW is exploring opportunities for the local supply chain with the Council itself, which is taking over control of much of the repair and maintenance work on Council buildings that had previously been contracted out. We are working with the unit responsible for the facilities maintenance of Corporate properties (over 400 buildings including educational sites, offices, libraries, and other operational buildings ). 

Among other trades, they are looking for Decorators, Plumbers, General builders, rapid response repair and maintenance companies, cleaners etc. We have so far put forward 14 local companies for consideration. 

We are working with the RBKC Housing management unit which is going out for responsive repairs split up into 10 lots. This will be procured through CapitalESourcing and there will be a briefing day for interested suppliers. We will notify you as soon as we hear when it is being held.  

Full list of new project opportunities can be viewed through our Opportunities tab on the Home page.

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