Meet the Buyer event on 4th April 2019

Seven buyers attended including Cadogan Estates, CapCo,  Wates, Mace (2 projects), Graham Group and ISG Plc.

In total, 60 delegates attended from 44 local SMEs out of the 50 SMEs which had booked on (just under 90%) which is a very high attendance rate for such events. A third of the SMEs attending were either architects or designers indicating the strong representation of these services in RBKC.

 Potential for future business

In all 90 meetings were held during the event. The buyers were asked to score the relevance of each SME they met to their project needs and keep a record of any  follow up actions they intended to carry out. 38% of the meetings scored 4 or 5 out of 5 in terms of the quality of their match with the buyers’ needs which is higher than the one third average for comparable MTBs. A total of 20 tender invitations are expected to be sent out. In addition Cadogan and CapCo are having follow up meetings with many of the companies they met.  



“Thank you very much indeed for including us yesterday -  I thought it was a great event and hope it ran according to your plans”, Sara Ward of Interiors by Sarah Ward

“Many thanks again for organising the event and the opportunity to being introduced to so many different developments.”, Ralph Eikelberg, London Atelier

“We would just like to thank you for inviting us to your meet the buyers event. We found the morning to be very beneficial and informative and thank you again for the opportunity.”,Gemma Lane, White & White London Contracts Ltd

“Many thanks for a great pleasure of meeting you today and the world of opportunities that is out there. We were utterly delighted to meet the contacts that you offered to us and will do our best to turn them into business.”, Dmytro and Irina, LNK Brickwork

“Was great finally meeting you last week, thanks again for setting up the meetings for me, I hope something fantastic comes out of it. Specially Cadogan Estate I really liked them.”,Eva Peterson, Decorators West London

“We really enjoyed today. Great to meet the local trades.”, Giles Pryor, Mace Group

“Thank you for putting on the meet the buyer event last week.   It was a useful session for us and I hope that the suppliers also found it valuable.”,Ian Scott, Cadogan Estates